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Image Recovery and Reconstruction Services

Picture Recovery is a specialised service designed to "save" damaged photographs. We will scan your photographs into our computers and then, using digital techniques, reconstruct damaged areas before printing out the recovered photograph. Obviously, the process also lends itself to the modification of photographs. Whilst, in theory, anything is possible the prices may be prohibitive for large scale reconstruction.

As every situation for photographic recovery is unique, prices can only be individually quoted after examination of the original photograph and will be entirely dependent on the amount of work estimated to be required.

Recovered image

This is an example of recovery work - however please note that the included file is a low resolution image for indicative purposes. The original photograph was received in two separate pieces with severe delamination of the print along the tear line. In addition, the two pieces had been folded incurring further damage. Whilst the image is only 30KB the actual digital file used for the recovered print was nearly 50 times bigger at 1471KB and was printed at 600dpi! The original photograph was over 40 years old - and obviously irreplacable - so we replaced it!

For further information and to enquire on availability and time-scales, email us at KG Photography. Please use a subject line of "Picture Recovery" and simply provide an indication of requirements in the message body. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements.

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