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Or, more correctly, the mobile Portrait Photography Studio - we come to you and take the photographs in the comfort and privacy of your own home. For the "standard" package, we will arrange an initial visit to discuss your requirements and review the opportunity and facilities. Then, on a subsequent visit, we come to complete a "photo set" taking up to 15 photographs in a range of settings or styles.

Engagement Shoot

We can be completely flexible for the photo-session - we are happy to arrange for an evening or weekend session - with a Sunday being particularly suitable for a family gathering and portrait session.

Because the images are captured directly to computer you can view them immediately. However in the week immediately following the photo-shoot we will prepare an online ebook and provide you with secure access, so that you can view the images at your leisure. You select up to three images from the ebook for enlargement to 8" x 10". The enlargements, card mounted and ready for framing, along with prints of all the photos taken (printed at 5" x 7") will be available to you, on payment of the full fee.

For all additional available services, including "special finish" prints, please refer to our Price List on the next page. Each of the additional prints can be ordered at the time of viewing, or at any time in the following six months.

Engagement Shoot

Note also, if you have just got engaged, or are planning to get engaged, or even planning to get married then you can arrange a FREE Engagement Photo Shoot - all you need to do is become a member of UKbride - simply follow the link from our home page then follow the instructions on the UKbride website(for the UKbride Engagement Photo Shoot we will take up to 50 photographs, print off one as a 10" x 8" digital print for you and upload all the images to a secure area of the website so that you can review, share and even buy, additional prints of any of the images).

It should be understood that there exists a minimum space requirement to accommodate the ideal set up for Portrait photography - in addition to the Sitters, we need to make space for two or three light stands, computer and camera tripod - and still need to be able to move around without fear of hurting someone. This can be restrictive in the typical family home - but we will do everything that we can to meet your requirements.

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